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If you are talking about the one to get up Mt. Coronet you have to free the three legendaries

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Q: How do you get past ancient painting door in Pokemon pearl?
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How do make the ancient cave painting turn into a door on Pokemon platinum?

find palkia come back

What do you do with the cave painting in Pokemon pearl?

You can look at it or smash it. You get a person and he has a hammer and he would smash it with a hammer and there is sometimes a secret door behind it

How do you get two evees in Pokemon Pearl?

You can get 2 eevees in Pokemon pearl by breeding the eevee you get from Bebe ( her house is next door to the Pokemon center in Hearthome city) with a ditto in the daycare center in Solaceon town.

Where do you find Fantina in Pokemon pearl?

You can find Fantina outside the door in the contest hall.

Where can you get a misdreavus in Pokemon diamond?

impossible. You have to trade it with a pearl user. they are as easy to obtain in pearl as murkrows are in diamond : ) ~Sherry PMMewtwo---At the forest inside the right side door in the Pokemon mansion.

I got the key but it won't let me through the door in Pokemon pearl?

Maybe you're trying to open the wrong door with the key.

What event do you have to do to open the door in Pokemon pearl?

If you mean the harbor door the event is the Darkrai event! It has been distributed previously but you can have it from a friend that has it!

How do you open the locked door in canalave city with membercard and event Pokemon pearl?

by eating cheese!!!!

Where is the secret door in Pokemon pearl in the galactic warehouse in veilstone city?

It,s in eterna city

What is behind the door in celestic town cavern?

Some ancient Pokemon etchings

Where can you trade Pokemon in Pokemon pearl?

In Pokemon Pearl version, go to a Pokemon center, up the stairs, you will see doors. go to the second door. the lady will let you in the trading room. (at least 2 other people near you playing must be in that room)

Where is the PokeFriendship Application for the PokeWatch obtained in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Eterna City pokemon center. The first chick by the door if I recall correctly.