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Fly in middle of the room

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Q: How do you get through the ancient tomb in pokemon emerald?
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On Pokemon Emerald how do you get a Rigisteel?

You can get a Rigisteel on Pokemon Emerald in the Ancient Tomb,which is on Route 120.But you need to unlock the Rigi's before you can attempt this.

Where is the entrance on the ancient tomb in Pokemon emerald?

It is in the same place as the one in Ruby and Sapphire.

How do you get regeesteel in Pokemon Pearl?

You can't. you have to trade from Pokemon ruby sapphire or emerald. It resides in the ancient tomb on route 120

Is there braille in Pokemon emerald?

Yes it can be found in sealed chamber, desert ruins, ancient tomb and island cave.

Where do you get reggi steal and reggi ice in Pokemon emerald the game?

Ancient tomb, Desert ruins, Island cave.

Where the Pokemon with strange eyes on emerald?

ancient tomb, desert ruins or something like that, and some kind of ice place

Where to find the legendary Pokemon on Pokemon emerald?

Desert ruins, Ancient tomb, Island cave, Sky pillar, Cave of origin, Marine cave, Terra cave.

Where are the lendary Pokemon in ruby?

The legendary pokemon are located in: Cave of Origin, Sky Pillar, Desert Tomb, Island Tomb, Ancient Tomb.

Where can you catch the regis in pokemon emerald?

Yes, you can find Regirock in Desert Ruins, Regice is in Island Cave (Route 105), Registeel is in Ancient Tomb (Route 120)

How can you catch regiice regirock and registeel in Pokemon emerald version?

Regice: Island Cave (route 105) Regirock: Desert Ruins Registeel: Ancient Tomb (route 120)

Where do you get the regis in Pokemon Emerald?

Let me tell you where you can find all the Regis in Pokemon Emerald. Regirock: You can find Regirock in the Desert Ruins; I dunno where exactly it is. Regice: You can find Regice in Island Cave, which is in Route 105. Registeel: You can find Registeel in the Ancient Tomb, which is in Route 120. Hope I helped :)

How do you solve registeel's mystery on Pokemon emerald?

The braille in Registeel's tomb on Poké Emerald says: "those who inherit our will, shine in the middle", which means use the HM move flash in the center of the the tomb.