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dont think there is such a thing but there is a rein deer and a sheep and a yeti


You will find that there IS or WAS technically it is a Wild Dog costume NOT a wolf I don't know if it will be in the catalog again but it was only for Earth Day last time...I hope it will come back so I can get it! XD :)

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Q: How do you get the wolf outfit on Club Penguin?
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What is the code for the cheerleading outfit on club penguin?

There is no free code for the cheer leading outfit on club penguin. You unlock it buy purchasing the code or a toy with the outfit or you buy club penguin game day, purchase the item from there, and send it to your online account.

How do you unlock the Kings Outfit on club penguin?

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your name has to be Mubashir

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You can get a pizza parlour outfit at penguin style catalogue. But its only for members. You can also earn a party only stamp, for more checkout Stamp Book. I have also got one outfit. Hurry up club penguin catalogues not remain same forever!Add me on Club Penguin :- Rangergo1

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