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you can only get it on the map "FIVE" from the mystery box

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Q: How do you get the winters howl in black ops zombies on xbox 360?
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How do you mod black ops zombies for xbox?

Dont think you can

Do you have to Xbox live to go on cod mw2 zombies?

Zombies are not on MW2 only WAW and Black Ops

How do you get nuketown zombies on black ops 2 without xbox live?


How do you get unlimited ammo on cod black ops zombies for Xbox 360?


Does Call of Duty Black Ops campaign have zombie?

I don't get what your asking, but black ops has Zombies. In the Campaign mode no, there is a specific category for zombies and it's right on the main menue with xbox live, campaign, settings, and zombies.

Does Call of Duty Black Ops have Zombies online?

There is online for Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies.

When is black ops zombies new maps coming out?

XBOX-Feb.1 PS3-Mar. 1

What would happen if Hitler played zombies on black ops for Xbox 360?

he'd shoot himself

Does the 4 player split screen glitch on black ops zombies mess up your xbox?

No lol

What is the invincibility cheat code for zombies mode on xbox 360 call of duty black ops?

its to not cheat

Are the maps in Call Of Duty Black Ops Nazi zombies for Xbox 360 different than from PS3?


How can you get zombies ascension?

you have to go on xbox live or playstation and purchase the first strike pack for black ops