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it will come up any day of the year you will have to wait and see or you can change the date to look for it faster to do that you tap on the phone when you want to start playing then you select reset clock

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Q: How do you get the watermelon shirt in Animal Crossing Wild World?
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How can you get Rracie to give you a watermelon shirt in Animal Crossing Wild World?

There's nobody in AC: WW named Rracie.

What is gracie's shirt called on animal crossing wild world?

Gracie's shirt.

Where do you geta club shirt on animal crossing wild world?

in mable and sables shop.

When can you get a nebula shirt on animal crossing wild world?

i got it from my mom around Christmas time

Where can you find a shirt that will lit you be nude for animal crossing?

There is no shirt that will let you be nude!!!!!

How do you get chiefs shirt on animal crossing?

you wait until it is in the shops

Where do you get the skull shirt for agent s on the animal crossing game?

You buy the shirt, or order it from Tom Nooks store if you already had it.

Do you turn into a animal on animal crossing wild world?

There is no such cheat to enable you to turn into any animal at all. There will be animal residents but you are the only human in the whole town. (Unless your friend visits you from their town)The closest way to look like an animal is to design the shirt (or buy a shirt) and look for facial accessories to look like an animal.

In animal crossing what date do you find a cake shirt?

That is not exsact date. The cake shirt will pop up at any random date in the year!!

What day is the Luigi shirt in able sisters on Animal Crossing City Folk?

It's completely random. Sorry. I suggest you Taylor your own Luigi shirt, as mine came out FABULOUS!

What Would Be A good Birthday present for prince in animal Crossing Cit Folk?

I LOVE that GAME infact i have it! Well i sujest A shirt.

Where's Jingle on Animal Crossing can you help me find him please?

Hes on a random acre every time if you whear a different shirt h every time you find him he will give more furniture: Note Jingle is not on animal crossing DS