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You go to your shirt, and press "Configure shirt" scroll down, and youll find price.

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Q: How do you set a price for your T shirt on Roblox?
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How do you paste 10 t-shirts on roblox?

To upload a t-shirt to Roblox you must have a Roblox account(you cannot be playing as a guest). First click "My Roblox", then "My stuff", and select "T-shirts". Click the "Create" button at the top of the my stuff window and upload the t-shirt. Repeat this for each t-shirt you wish to upload.

How to rename your t-shirt in ROBLOX?

Configure it

How do you make a VIP T-shirt door at Roblox?

You can find many different VIP t-shirt doors on the Roblox free models. Most doors will have instructions in their source code explaining how to configure them to work with your t-shirt. You can also find a tutorial on how to make a VIP shirt on the Roblox Wiki.

How do you get The Conquerors VIP T-Shirt on roblox?


How do you get VIP clothes in Roblox when not a VIP?

U can't But there is a way to make a fake VIP shirt Find the t shirt u want save the image as... Edit it in paint, erase the t shirt outline keeping the picture and save Then go to roblox go to my roblox,character,t shirts, create, find your t short picture and click make t shirt or what ever the button is and then u have the t shirt but it won't work as a VIP shirt

How do you make a donation shirt on roblox?

Donation shirts can only be created by Builder's Club members. They are created the same way as any other t-shirt. Go to My Roblox, scroll to the bottom of the screen, then click t-shirts. Click the create button and upload your t-shirt. Then click on the t-shirt you just created, click configure this item, and sell it for whatever amount you want. Then click update and you are done!

Do you get money on roblox by selling t-shirts?

Depending on how much you sell the t-shirt for and how many people buy it: yes you can get money from selling t-shirts. If you sell the t-shirt for only one tix (**Editor's Note: As of September 24, 2013, the Price Floor for Tix is 100 Tix) you will not make any money because Roblox take a way a tenth of the money you make on sales with a minimum of one. If you can manage to get a t-shirt popular and the price is right you can sell a lot of them. One of the best ways to make money selling a t-shirt is to make a popular place and then sell a VIP t-shirt.

How do you sell stuff on roblox when your builders club?

Make a T-shirt (such as an Admin) or a shirt.

How do you put a price on a item on Roblox?

Stuff > T-shirts > Go to the T-shirt you made > Configure > Click sell this item > Click Sell for robux or sell for tix > Put the amount of Tix/Robux you want to sell it for > Update. :P

How do you give robux on roblox?

The person that wants the Robux OBC and well of course you have to have that amount of Robux that they want to make the donation. Ask them to make a donation t-shirt and then if they're some type of Builders Club then they can sell it for a price. (9-14 Tix at any time can be 1 Robux) When you buy they're shirt then they get 90% profit and Roblox gets 10% of what you bought the t-shirt or shirt for.

How do you make an admin shirt for your place on roblox?

You can find many VIP t-shirt doors on the free models. Most doors will have instructions in their script explaining how to make them work with your t-shirt. You can also find a tutorial on how to make a VIP shirt on the Roblox Wiki.

Do you have to be a builders club member to sell t-shirt in roblox?