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You must have finished the f2p(free to play) quest Swept Away. Go to Port Sarim (go to Draynor and go west until you see two border guards or go through Falador, go south.) Go to Betty's shop and open the trapdoor. Go down. Finish the puzzle given to you by Betty's assistant. Beware though, this is a little harder than in the quest. After you have finished it, open the chest then search it. You must be members to get the purple ungent, or you will leave it there until you subscribe for members.

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Q: How do you get the unguent in RuneScape?
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Why are cats purple in RuneScape?

The Purple Cats are accessed by a mini-quest that you unlock after Swept Away and Gertrude's Cat. Purple cats can be created when you bring Wendy the Magic Unguent.

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How do you get a purple cat on RuneScape?

Here, I have posted a link below, . were is this link, anyway, u can get a puple cat by talking to Wendy neer the crafting guild, she asks for a cat and some magic unguent, so u need 2 be a member. you get unguent from Lottie, betty's apprentice in port sarim, idk if you can buy it though, but i can't find Lottie. Hope this helps!

Were can you find Lottie the witch or magic unguent on runescape i really need a purple cat?

Here, use the link I have posted for you.Note: you will need to complete the "Swept-Away" quest first!I have the links for the purple cat mini-quest and the swept away guide, check the "Related Links" below.

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