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to get the ruby you hav to go up by wer moltres is then ther will be two team rocket mebers ther beat them an then luk through the cave it will be ther sumwer after you get it take it to the man in one island pkmon centre then he will ask you to get the other one and i think the Sapphire is on 6 island

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Q: How do you get the two orbs in Pokemon FireRed?
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What is the name of the second orb in Pokemon FireRed?

The orbs are not in firered.

How do you get into creulan cave on Pokemon FireRed?

beat elete 4 and you might have to get the red and blue orbs and complete the dex

How do you obtain the two orbs in Pokemon emerald?

you cant

Do you need an action replay to get the last two orbs on Pokemon platinum?


What to do when you get the three orbs from gethis' servants in Pokemon white?

you don't have to to anything with the orbs. They only give you the orbs so if you transfer those legendary Pokemon to Pokemon black or white you can give those legendary Pokemon the orbs.

Where do you get dusclops in pokemon emerald?

you evolve it from duskull or catch it in tower with the two orbs

How do you get two starter Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

dude you have to cheat for that

How do you use Pokemon FireRed version one codes on Pokemon FireRed version two?

use that gameshark user.

Pokemon FireRed How do you Get in the Pokemon warehouse?

You need to find the two passwords...

How do you get all the orbs on Pokemon pearl?

you cant the orbs are exclusive to certain games

Is there a way you can get two master balls in Pokemon FireRed?


Where to get staryu in firered?

In Pokemon firered you can't, but in Pokemon leafgreen you can get it then trade it to Pokemon firered.