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in the gift shop in the catalog

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Q: How do you get the stamp coffee server in club penguin?
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How do you get the anniversary cake stamp in club penguin?

You have to wait for the anniversary of club penguin which is on 24th October. Then go in the Coffee Shop and blow out the candles on the cake you see.

Where is the ticket stamp on Club Penguin?

There is no such thing as a ticket stamp on club penguin.

How do you get the franky stamp on Club Penguin?

you can only get the stamp if the band is on club penguin. you can do it with a cheat.

Where is the stamp in club penguin for october in 2010?

Check your stamp book for the latest stamps on club penguin.

What is the stamp for Club Penguin February?

Check your stamp book to know the latest stamps on club penguin.

Where is Club Penguin Candice stamp?

find her on club penguin to get this pin

How do you get the dance party stamp in club penguin?

go on a popular server on CP. the go to the night club. count the number of penguins dancing. if there are ten, join them and you'll get the dance party stamp. if there are 25, you get he floor filler stamp

How do you get a server unfull on Club Penguin?

use club penguin storm

What is the ice shelf on Club Penguin?

It's a Club penguin Server!

What server does the orange penguin talk to you club penguin?

the penguin is on a different server every time

How do you get the gem pro stamp on club penguin?

Nobody cares about club penguin

What server is cadence in on club-penguin?

she is in a famous server