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you can only get the stamp if the band is on Club Penguin.

you can do it with a cheat.

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Q: How do you get the franky stamp on Club Penguin?
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How do you be in the same room as Franky on club penguin?

well if you put five stickers under your bed at night you'll have the stamp in the morning

Who sang cool in the cold club penguin song?

The Answer Is Stompin Bob It Was Confirmed By Club Penguin In December

Where is the ticket stamp on Club Penguin?

There is no such thing as a ticket stamp on club penguin.

Where is the stamp in club penguin for october in 2010?

Check your stamp book for the latest stamps on club penguin.

What is the stamp for Club Penguin February?

Check your stamp book to know the latest stamps on club penguin.

Where is Club Penguin Candice stamp?

find her on club penguin to get this pin

How do you become famous like Gary and Franky on Club Penguin?

You can become famous, cos famous trainer is here. Club Penguin Support Team

How do you get the gem pro stamp on club penguin?

Nobody cares about club penguin

Where is the Halloween party in club penguin for 2010 for the stamp?

A Party is everywhere on club penguin.

How do you earn the graduate stamp on Club Penguin?

you play club penguin games and get earned

How do you you earn the explorer stamp on club penguin?

bye playing club penguin games

How do you get the sensei stamp on club penguin?

To get this stamp you have to be in the same room as sensei