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Use the Dialog system in RS

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Q: How do you get the speech bubble over your head on roblox?
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How do you talk to helper bot on roblox?

Get close to them,click the bubble over their head and click on the availible answers

Where do you find the ice legs on spore creatures?

Find the creature with the speech bubble over his head, then talk to him. After you talk to him break the ice cubes in the water by throwing a rock.

What is worn over clothes to protect them?

bubble wrap your head

How do you make a puffle speech bubble over your head in club peng uin?

to make a puffle appear above your penguin's head you have to hold down e and then press p while holding down e hope this helps! from jacksparrow193

How do you speak on Roblox?

its easy...if you said you are over thirteen all you have to do is click the typing-box at the bottom of the screen or press the / button and start typing...or if you said you were under 13 you need a parent account to let you speak,but you can click a speech bubble on the screen and choose a phrase...

How do you get to say other peoples names on roblox?

You have to be 13 yrs old or over to say words that are not on the bubble chat! Cuz when you register, they scan your birthdate if you are 13 and above. If you are, they will give you the advanced chat.If not, youll have bubble chat. Hope this helps! ^_^

How do you be veteran on Roblox?

u have to be on roblox for over a year

Where is programs in roblox?

Over there

Has Roblox been taken over?

Roblox may have been taken over, by Disney XD. Shock, horror, gasp.

How many people are playing Roblox?

Roblox has over 100 million players

How many games are in roblox?

there are more than a million games in Roblox

What are the figures of speech in heart you will forget him?

antelope with his tail on fire. Fall head over heels Play the field