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Get close to them,click the bubble over their head and click on the availible answers

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Q: How do you talk to helper bot on roblox?
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How do you get aim-bot in roblox?

There are no roblox aim bots.

Do you Need MOney to Be in a Roblox Group?

no you dont but too make one you might need 200 or 100 robux so there and find lil476 hes a roblox helper and im lil476 so im the roblox helper

Where is zing helper bot Petpet Park?

In Shadows Grove, far left

Is roblox bot and Minecraft bob?

it’s Minecraft good fortnite bad

You want to talk to Oliver bot?

talk to him on google

Is there an online game where you talk to a robot?

sensation bot

Where can you find Zing Helper Bot on Pet Park?

Shadow Grove move left a bit hes a red robot

In roblox what happened if your robloxian cant talk?

you PM a adminastrator of roblox and wait for an answer

How do you talk in the sandbox made by redalert2 on roblox?

You talk like in normal chat.

Is there a website you can talk to a bot that speaks like yoda?

Not that I'm aware of.

How do you make a guest talk on Roblox?

You can't. Safty.

How do you do free chat on Roblox?

13 or over can talk