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After deactivating the 1st tower, you hop in one of the 2 hornets provided for you, and move on to an intense air battle with banshees, but instead of following the major battle and moving on to the 3rd tower, you look to your right on the cliff side and there is the 2nd tower which has already been deactivated by the elites, you land at it and the skull is at the end of the spire that reaches over the ocean

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Q: How do you get the skull in the Covenant?
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What does the iwhbyd skull do in Halo 3?

The iwhbyd skull makes Your enemies (the covenant) Use more melee Attacks

How do you get first skull halo in siearra117?

To get the first skull on Sierra 117 you have to get to the part where the first brute and grunts are. after you kill them wait for the Phantom to drop more covenant on the ledge below you. KIll all of them, then go to the right to where the tree is and look over the edge. you should see the skull, All you have to do is jump on the rocks until you get to it. From the top of the ledge the skull is about 40 yds. away. (remember you have to be on at least the Normal difficulty to get the skull.) Hope this tip helps. Brassmonkey#10

I have the iron black eye tough luck catch fog famine thunderstorm tilt mythic blind cowbell and grunt birthday skull on halo 3 which skull dont I have?

I believe you are missing the IWHBYD (I Would Have Been Your Daddy) skull. Pudding 101 answer: You get it from the Covenant level after you kill truth. (You have to jump through the rings in the order 4654534)

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How do you get the last skull in halo3 on the covenant?

you need a gravelift from when you face the scarab, there are like three of them in that building, right next to where you fight the need to place it perfectly, so youll have to revert to last save a couple of times.

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Where is the arch of the covenant?

Where is the arch of the covenant?

What are skulls on halo reach?

the primary ones are: iron skull, black eye skull, tough luck skull, catch skull, cloud skull, famine skull, thunderstorm skull, tilt skull, mythic skull and the secondary ones are: blind skull, cowbell skull, gruntbirthday party skull, iwhbyd skull and all of them are accessible from the start so you dont have to look for them. hope i helped :P

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