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Take the fossil into the Oreburgh museum

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Q: How do you get the skull fossil into cranidos?
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What fossil do you need to get cranidos?

Cranidos is obtained from the Skull Fossil.

Where is cranidos fossil on Pokemon HeartGold?

You cannot get a Skull Fossil (Cranidos) in Pokemon HeartGold.

What Pokemon is in a Skull Fossil?


What is extracted from the skull fossil?


To which of the fours species dose your fossil skull likely belong?

Skull fossil is a fossil of Cranidos.

How do you get a skull fossil platinum?


What is this small skull fossil?

Take this fossil to the fossil mueseum in Oreburgh City and you will get a cranidos!!! Hope I helped and be nice to your new Cranidos!

What comes from a skull fossil in Pokemon platinum?

cranidos comes from the skull fossilwhiteless

How do you change a skull fossil into cranidos?

Go to the musuem in ourburg

Where is cranidos on platinum?

you need the skull fossil whic you can get underground

What does a cranidos fosil look like?

It is from a Skull Fossil.

Can you get cranidos in Pokemon Platinum?

go underground get a skull fossil and get it restored