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first you have to beat team rocket when there in mahogany store and then you go to the radio tower in goldenrod and beat team rocket there and when your done with that the radio station director will give you the silver wing...

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Q: How do you get the silver wing in silver version of Pokemon?
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Where to get the silver wing in Pokemon soul silver?

In SoulSilver Version, the Silver Wing lies in the hands of the Director in Goldenrod City.

How do you get rainbow wings in Pokemon?

Talk to the man standing by the entrance to Mount Moon, and he will give you the Rainbow Wing (Silver Version) or the Silver Wing (Gold Version)

Where is the rainbow wing on Pokemon silver version?

It is in pewter city. You get it after talking to some man.

Where do you find the silver wing on Pokemon gold?

after you beat the elite four, you can go to to the Kanto region. (at least i think its Kanto its the one with Brock and misty) at the first city, pewter town, there is a man next to the Pokemon center after you beat Brock he will give you the silver wing (gold version) or the rainbow wing (silver version).

How do you get a rainbow wing on Pokemon silver version?

From a man outside the poke mart in pewter city

Wher to get the silver wing?

If you are playing Pokemon Soul Silver, the Silver Wing is given to you by the kimono girls, after you help 'em. If you are playing Heart Gold, unlike in the other version, you'll get the Silver Wing with an Old Man in Pewter City.

How do you get the silver wing and the rainbow wing in Pokemon Silver?

You get Silver wing After defeating the team rocket in the radio tower POKEMON SILVER ONLY. Rainbow wing Is found much later in the game After the Elite four In pewter City POKEMON SILVER ONLY.

Where do you get the silver wing in pokemon crystal version?

you can find it in pewter city there's an old that walks around near the mart

Pokemon HeartGold where is silver wing?

go to pewter city, then there is a man you get the silver wing

Where is the pokeathlon in Pokemon Silver version?

The Pokeathlon isn't in Pokemon Silver version.

Where do you get silver wing in silver version Pokemon?

after you freed the radio tower from team rocket, the manager gives u it and tells u that it was found during the construction of the tower

Were can you find the silver and rainbow wing in fire red version?

You don't get either in firered, to get lugia and ho-oh get them from Pokemon colosseum and Pokemon xd gale of darkness.