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If your talking about the drill I know how to get it. You cant always get it. Sometimes (if your a member) it will be in the clothing catalog or sports catalog. If your not a member its harder to get it. If a new room is being built sometimes there are boxes of drills with a FREE sign on them. Just walk up to them and it will ask you "Would you like to pick up this drill?" and you just say yes and you got yourself a drill.

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Q: How do you get the shovel in club penguins mine?
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Where is the shovel on club penguin?

i also wondered but there is no shovel there is a hrd hat in the underground mine.

Where do you get a shovel on Club Penguin?

im not sure but it could be in the mine

Where will you get a shovel on club penguin on the cave mine?

you don't get one

Where is the hard hat and shovel on club penguin?

Go in the mine and go to the pole that has mine helmets

How do you get a shovel on Club Penguin or how you get a digger hat on Club Penguin?

The shovel is in the penguin style on July. Diggerhat: Green: Penguin style, March Red: Not available anymore Yellow: Penguin catalog, June Orange: Mine shack.

How do you get a girls wig on club penguin on ds?

I have 2. The Funster and the Flutterby. I discovered cheats. Click on the penguins head that wears the Neckalce and the purple dress and the other cheat is click the shovel part of he penguin digging in the icerink with the snow-shovel.

How do you get through the gate in club penguins mine?

per month it is $5.95 half a year is $29.95 year is $57.95

Where do you get a shovel in club pony pals?

There are two places to get a shovel in Club Pony Pals. You can get a shovel via a gift from a friend or buy one in the stables.

Where can you buy get shovel and a hard hat in club penguin?

go inside the mine and go to the north room and it should show a hard hat and shovel there. walk to it and you can dig. No you can not buy it unless your talking about the green hat.

Where do you get the shovel on Club Penguin?

The yellow shovel for the mine digging does not need to be bought. In the Cave Mine, you will see near one of the entrances there is a pile of orange hats and yellow shovels. It will give you a hard orange hat, but no shovel. That is because when you dance on the dirt with the hat, it will drill instead of dancing.Hope this helped. This was typed up by Ames, October 6, 2011

Club Penguins phone number?

Club Penguins phone number is: 888-861-4111 Club Penguins email is:

What tool do you use to mine snow on mine craft?

A shovel.