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Go in the mine and go to the pole that has mine helmets

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Q: Where is the hard hat and shovel on club penguin?
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How do you get the hard hat and shovel for the hidden lake on club penguin?

you buy it...

Where can you buy get shovel and a hard hat in club penguin?

go inside the mine and go to the north room and it should show a hard hat and shovel there. walk to it and you can dig. No you can not buy it unless your talking about the green hat.

Can you dig if you only have a hard hat On Club Penguin?

No you cannot. But you can with only the shovel. If your only wearing the hard hat, click the dance button and you will be drilling.

How can you dig in Club Penguin?

get a shovel a snow shovel and a minner hat and dance

Where is the shovel on club penguin?

i also wondered but there is no shovel there is a hrd hat in the underground mine.

How do you get a shovel on Club Penguin or how you get a digger hat on Club Penguin?

The shovel is in the penguin style on July. Diggerhat: Green: Penguin style, March Red: Not available anymore Yellow: Penguin catalog, June Orange: Mine shack.

How do you get a shovel in Club Penguin?

The shovel is an item given out in the Gift Shop cataloug. Until it comes back, you cannot get it.

Where do you get a hard hat in Club Penguin?

at the stadium;]

How do you get the hard hat down from the pole in club penguin?

Go to the Mine Shack. Enter the Mine. Go to the other Mine (If it is the new Club Penguin). If you see a hard hat and a Jackhammer, Click the Hard hat. And there you go! You have your hat!

Where do you get the hard hat from on Club Penguin?

In The Treasure Book!

On club penguin why is the green hard hat undefined?

it isn't

On club penguin what is the new free item?

The Hard Hat is the latest free item on club penguin. I know that people already have the hard hat but people can still get it. It is located in the stadium.