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doesn't say anywhere on the web

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Q: How do you get the seeing stone on the spiderwick chronicle game?
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When did The Spiderwick Chronicles - video game - happen?

The Spiderwick Chronicles - video game - happened in 2008.

When was The Spiderwick Chronicles - video game - created?

The Spiderwick Chronicles - video game - was created on 2008-02-06.

Can you play spiderwick chronicles on DSI?

if it is a ds game, then yes

Were to find lifter sprites in spiderwick game?

all over the place

Is spiderwick DS game 2 player?

no, but you can trade sprites with other people

How do you get to the junkyard in the spiderwick ds game?

You have to go through the swamps and over a river

On the video game spiderwick on Wii where is the cat that you need to get down?

It is on top of the shed in the bckyard

Where can one find information on spiderwick?

Spiderwick, or actually "The Spiderwick Chronicles" are children's books series about fairy worlds and Grace children. It can be found online on books retailers like Amazon, or local libraries. In parallel, there is also a video game released as adaptation to the chronicles stories.

Is the Tsubasa Chronicle game available in English?

I don't think so.

Where is the salamandor in the spiderwick game?

the salamador is next to the shed the garage looking one but beware goblins are down there.

Where is the bulletin board on the game urbz in the city?

It is in the Miniopolis Chronicle and it is on the first floor at the back. It is at the side of the computer

How do you free hogsqueal in the wii spiderwick game?

use the slingshot on the orange jars on the tree, then go back to hogsqueal and free him