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It is the sound of the straysods laughing at your confusion in the maze. It doesn't really do anything but creep you out.

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Q: On the spiderwick chronicles game for Nintendo DS what is the laughing noise in the maze at the hidden glade?
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Where is the study in the spiderwick chronicles?

The Spiderwick Chronicles is set in the fictional town of New England, specifically in the Spiderwick Estate where the Grace siblings discover a hidden world of magical creatures through a hidden study in the old mansion.

Who wrote spiderwick chronicles?

The "Spiderwick Chronicles" book series was written by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black. It follows the adventures of the Grace children as they discover a hidden world of magical creatures.

Did Theodore Spiderwick go missing?

No, in the Spiderwick Chronicles series, it is Jared, Mallory, and Simon Grace who discover an old book belonging to Arthur Spiderwick and uncover the hidden world of faeries. Theodore Spiderwick is a character in the book but he did not go missing.

What symbolism spiderwick chronicles?

In "The Spiderwick Chronicles," the Field Guide represents knowledge and power, while the Grace children's ability to see magical creatures symbolizes their connection to the natural world. The Spiderwick Mansion embodies the idea of uncovering hidden secrets and the importance of family heritage. Additionally, the depiction of the characters undertaking a journey and facing challenges symbolizes growth and self-discovery.

Where was the secret door to Arthur's study in the spiderwick chronicles?

The secret door to Arthur Spiderwick's study in the Spiderwick Chronicles was hidden behind a wooden panel in the wall of the old mansion where the family lived. It was concealed behind a painting of the family ancestor which swung open when pushed.

What is the Exposition of the Spiderwick Chonicles?

The exposition of the Spiderwick Chronicles introduces the Grace family - siblings Jared, Simon, and Mallory - moving into the Spiderwick Estate after their parents' separation. They discover the hidden book documenting magical creatures on the property and encounter the fantastical world inhabited by faeries and other mystical beings.

Is spiderwick real or fake?

The Spiderwick Chronicles is a fantasy book series written by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black, so it is fiction rather than real. The books follow the adventures of the Grace children as they discover a hidden world of magical creatures.

Who are the real Grace Children from the Spiderwick Chronicles?

In "The Spiderwick Chronicles" series, the Grace children are made up of the siblings Mallory, Jared, and Simon. These three siblings discover a hidden world of magical creatures when they move into the Spiderwick Estate. Each child has their own unique characteristics and strengths that aid them in their adventures.

When did Hidden Chronicles happen?

Hidden Chronicles happened in 2012.

When was Hidden Chronicles created?

Hidden Chronicles was created in 2012.

Who is the protagonist in the book the spiderwick chronicles book 1?

The protagonist in the first book of The Spiderwick Chronicles is Mallory Grace. She is one of the siblings who moves into the Spiderwick Estate with her family and discovers the hidden world of faeries and magical creatures.

How does Arthur spiderwick work?

Arthur Spiderwick is a fictional character in the children's book series "The Spiderwick Chronicles". He is a naturalist who studies and documents magical creatures. His field guide is sought after by both curious children and malevolent creatures in the series. Arthur’s work plays a central role in uncovering the hidden world of faeries and protecting it from harm.