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Crush The Castle 2: Get gold on all castles

Players Pack: Crush all castles (no gold medals needed).

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Q: How do you get the secret weapon in Crush the Castle 2 and Players Pack?
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What is the last weapon on crush the castle?


How do you get void weapon in crush the castle 2?

You have to get a gold medal on every castle.

What are the secret medals in Crush The Castle 2?

1: Hell Froze Over: Throw an ice bomb in a volcano level. (Volcano levels are the castles on the right side in North Montis) 2: Into the Void: Destroy a castle using the secret tornado weapon.

What is the fifth projectile in crush the castle players pack?

There isn't.

How do you unlock the secret warp potion in crush the castle 2?

Earn gold medals for all castle crushed.

How do You get the chicken in Crush the Castle Players Pack 2?

Finish undead mode.

In crush the castle 2 how do you get into the void?

Use A SECRET POTION at Junkyard Keeper !The Black HOLe

How do you get the secret potion in crush the castle 2?

You need to get all gold metals on all levels.

Who is Kate Beckett on castel?

A hard-ass Detective. Also, Castle's not-so-secret crush! :)

How do you play crush the Castle?

If you go to there is crush the castle 1 on there is crush the castle 2

When did Crush the Castle happen?

Crush the Castle happened in 2009.

What is the last projectile in crush the castle players pack?

Large Bombs. You get it when you complete the game with gold for all castles.