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try to take the sapphire inside the dotted hole and the scientist that was once blocking the door to the dotted hole will tell u (to get inside the dotted hole form it into a question and type it up in the bar above)

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Q: How do you get the second password to the team rocket hideout in fire red?
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How do you get to the end the team rocket hideout in fire red on island five?


Where is the moon stone in the rocket hideout in fire red?

look around in the puzzes. it has to be there.

How do you get the sapphire on Pokemon fire red and LeafGreen?

you get in the team rocket hideout on one of the islands

Where are the two password in rocket warehouse of Pokemon fire red?

The first password you will get from 2 team rocket grunts at mt ember (after you get national dex). Second is in dotted hole at island 6 when the man working for team rocket who meets you near the sapphire

How do you open rocket hideout on seven island Pokemon fire red?

you use cut but it wont tell you you need to do it yourself

How do you get the sapphire in fire-red after the guy from team rocket gets it?

That's simple, he gives you the second password to get into the Rocket Warehouse, which you go back to after he takes the sapphire, then you beat the warehouse and the same guy who stolled the sapphire will give it to you.

Where to find Giovanni in celadon city in fire red?

Giovani's in the basement of team rocket's hideout place. He's at the end of the building

How do you gt the silph scope on Pokemon fire Version?

In the Rocket Hideout which is based below the Celadon City Game Corner, defeat the Rocket boss and he will leave behind the Silph Scope.

In Pokemon fire red how do you get the ruby and sapphiare for the cerulean cave guy?

The Ruby Is In Mt.Ember And The Sapphire Is In The Team Rocket Secret HideOut (Dotted Hole)

Where to find Black glasses on the fire red version?

two floors down in the team rocket hideout under the game room in celderon town

How you find out the second password for rocket warehouse in fire red?

go to dotted hole on six island to open dotted hole which is on the lower part of the island you must use cut on the door.

How do you get the second password in Pokemon fire?

Find the sapphire in dotted hole a scientist will tell you the second password after taking the sapphire.