How do you get the orange puffle?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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my friend said click on the pics of the puffles 10 times and then go on to the blue one

it's in the shops!

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Q: How do you get the orange puffle?
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In club penguin is there a orange puffle?

there is an orange puffle

Where was the orange puffle spotted?

In Orange Puffle Land

Where do you find the orange puffle?

You can get a glimps of the orange puffle in the box demention.

Is there a orange puffle?

Yes we are getting a orange puffle when the 2010 puffle celebration is over. To see the orange puffle it pops out of the clock in the lodge every 30 mins. And it is also in the box dimension.

On clubpenguin is there a orange puffle?

yes there is before they did not have the orange puffle it was in the coco clock and in the box dimension. now they have it in the puffle shop buy it now at

How do you buy an orange puffle?

You can not own a orange puffle. Although in the future you may be able to find this puffle in the pet shop.

How do you get orange puffle?

The orange puffle has not yet been discovered, but whether it is real or not is a mystery.

Would someone tell me if the orange puffle is real please?

no the orange puffle is not real!!!!

How do you get orange puffle in Club Penguin?

You can get an orange puffle by purchasing it in the pet shop as a member, unlock the treasure book, or buy an orange puffle toy and enter the code.

Is there an orange puffle in Club Penguin?

Recently discovered, the orange puffle of Club Penguin is the newest puffle and I bet brown is next. the orange puffle was discovered the day after the Puffle Party 2010. It is only available to paid members for 800 coins.

Club penguin Where is the orange puffle?

In the puffle store

How do you get a orange puffle on cp?

the orange puffle is out!! u just feed it like how ufeed the others.