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You do not have to be a member to get a blue or red puffle, but you do have to be a member to get a green, yellow, pink, purple, brown, black, orange, and white puffles.

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Q: Do you have to be a member to get a puffle on club penguin?
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How do get the elite puffle on Club Penguin?

you have to be a member

Do you have to be a member to get a brown puffle on club penguin?


How do you buy a member puffle on Club Penguin without being a member?

You don't. You can get a membership and get a member puffle, though.

How do you get a teddy bear on Club Penguin?

it comes when the puffle circus is at club penguin ( but u have to be a member)

How do you get the pink puffle in Club Penguin?

You have to be a member to get the pink puffle and the pinks puffles are at the Puffle shop in the plaza.

In Club Penguin how do you get a free puffle?

On Club Penguin, you can get two puffles if you are a non-member. If you are a member, you can get up to 16 puffles. So, if you are a non-member, there is no way to get a free puffle. Hope this answers your question!

Is there going to be a brown puffle in club penguin?

yes! but you have to be a member to get it:(

If your not a member on club penguin is it legal to have a pink puffle?

well, if you were a member before you can have a pink puffle but you dont get to chose

How do you get a white puffel with out being a member?

Well, I have a white puffle on Club Penguin and I am not a member. What you have to do is go shopping at the market and buy Club Penguin toys (Not Card Jitsu). Those things include Puffle Key rings, Soft Club Penguin toys or Club Penguin figurines. That is how I did it.

How do you get a free puffle in club penguin without being a member?

you cant get a puffle because you are not a mamber

How do you get a white puffle ob club penguin?

you have to be a member then you go to the puffle store and buy one

Can you get a puffle without becoming a member on club penguin?

yes but only a red or blue puffle