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To get the national dex, you have to see every Pokemon in sinnoh.

Can anyone help me with something? I used an Action Replay DS to unlock the National Dex but the trainers at Battle Frontier won't let me through and I think the reason why is because of the cheat. When I completed my Sinnoh Dex I went to Rowan and he just said the same thing he says every time."There are many Pokemon out there blah blah blah blah".

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I have no idea, for I made this two years ago and don't even remember where Platinum version is. Just received and E-Mail about this, gosh it's been so long O_O

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You have to beat the Pokemon league first and then professor oak upgrades your pokedex

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Q: How do you get the national dex on Pokemon Platinum?
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What Pokemon is number 191-Pokemon Platinum?

In Platinum dex' its Dusknoir in National dex' its Sunkern.

How do you get national dex on platinum?

In Pokemon Platinum to get the National Dex you will need to have seen all 210 Pokemon in the Sinnoh Dex then talk to Professor Rowan and then after a while Professor Oak will give you the National Dex!

How do you get your national dex on Pokemon platinum?

go and see all the Pokemon in the sinnoh dex

Where do you get the National Dex on Pokemon Platinum?

You complete the shinho dex first and then you get the national pokedex

Who is Pokemon 108 on Pokemon platinum?

According To The Platinum National Dex, Lickitung Is #108.

Pokemon platiun what is Pokemon 151?

In Pokemon Platinum Version, there are two Pokedex'es, the Sinnoh Dex, and the National Dex. In the Sinnoh Dex, the 151 Pokemon is Manaphy. In the National Dex, the 151 Pokemon is Mew.

What Pokemon is number 22 in Pokemon Platinum?

Cranidos in the Sinnoh Dex, Fearow in the National Dex

What Pokemon is number 108 in Pokemon Platinum?

spiritomb in the sinnoh dex lickitung in the national dex

What Pokemon is number 174 on Pokemon Platinum?

National Dex: Igglybuff Sinnoh Dex: Togetic

What comes after weavile on the national dex on platinum?

The next Pokemon after weavile is magnezone in the national dex

How many Pokemon are in the platinum pokedex?

The sinnoh dex has 210 pokemon, and the national dex has 493 pokemon. It has an entire 664 pokemon (I think)

What is Pokemon 174 on platinum?

in sinnoh dex it is togetic but in national dex it is igglybuff