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u can with cheats

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Q: How do you get the mystery zone in Pokemon platinum?
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Where can you catch a Gulpin in Pokemon Platinum?

Mystery Zone

How do you get into the MysteryZone On Pokemon?

to get to the mystery zone you need action replay and you need the code walk through walls.when you have those go to the trees and walk into them,kepp on walking and it will say mystery zone however it only works for Pokemon diamond, pearl and platinum.

How do you get out of the Mystery zone in Pokemon platinum?

walk throough wall cheat then just walk in the sorounding area forward but avoid buldings

You cant see your guy and you are stuck in the mystery zone on Pokemon platinum what do you do?

sorry nothing you can do. new game it. same happened to me. your stuck.

Can you migrate Pokemon from mystery dongeon to Pokemon platinum?


Can you catch Pokemon in the mystery zone?

no you can't catch Pokemon in the mystery zone you can only catch Pokemon if you use action replay or r4 or whatever

Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky to Pokemon platinum?


Where can you get croagunk in Pokemon platinum?

Safari Zone

Where is the mystery zone in Pokemon platinum?

The mystery zone is not accessible without cheating. You must use cheats or hack ur game (not recommended) to walk through anything then walk into the black areas in the game or any far away area which u normally cant get to and u would get to the mystery zone! hope I helped!!! :D

When is the next mystery event for Pokemon platinum?


Does the mystery gift actually work on Pokemon platinum?


Where is the temporial tower in Pokemon Platinum?

Temporal tower is in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, Darkness and Sky, not Pokemon Platinum.