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by an action replay and activate cheat coad for all tm's or activat walk/run through anything cheat or find it!

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Q: How do you get the movi rock climb in pokimon diamond?
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How to get rock climb in diamond?

you get the rock climb HM and give it to a Pokemon that use it

Do you need Rock Climb to get to Route117 in Diamond?

Well in the end, you need rock climb. So just get it.

On Pokemon emerald where do you get rock climb?

you cant get rock climb there isn't one in emerald it was invented in diamond and pearl

Where can you learn rockclimb on Pokemon Sapphire?

There is no rock climb in pokemon saphire, but there is a rock climb in pokemon diamond and pearl.

How do you climb in Pokemon Diamond?

Rock Climb Any Pokemon Can Learn It If It Says "ABLE"

How do you get the move rock climb?

In Pokemon diamond, pearl, and platinum rock climb is found on route 217. (SEARCH EVERYWHERE)

Where do you get rock climb in Pokemon FireRed?

There isn't a rock climb in Fire Red. Haven't you seen there are no rocks to climb? Only Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver.

How do you Rock Climb in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

After you get the HM Rock Climb, and a Pokemon knows it, you can approach a rocky wall, press A, and you will scale the wall.

Where is rock climb in Pokemon FireRed?

Rock Climb is not a move in the game. It wasn't a move until Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, which came out after FireRed.

Where do you get the tm rock climb on pokemon diamond?

while you go to snowpoint city there will be a house a little above it theres a pokeball and it is actually rock climb.

How do you get rock climb on Pokemon Ruby?

Actually, you can't get HM Rock Climb on Pokemon Ruby, its only available in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.

Where do you find the HM rock climb in Pokemon diamond?

I think you get it from a gym leader