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By completing day missions(Sonic the Hedgehog missions).

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Q: How do you get the moon medals in chun nan on sonic unleashed?
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You are stuck on a part on sonic unleashed for the xbox360 where are the moon medals in chun-nan?

you don't need to find moon medals in just chun-nan. you can look for them everywhare. (p.s.the level you are stuck on is the level with the temple after it.)

How many moon medals r there in Sonic Unleashed?

There are 200 Sun medals and 200 Moon Medals

Is there a cheat for sonic unleashed where you can have all the sun and moon medals on xbox 360?

Probably not. There are four achievements for collecting half the moon medals, half the sun medals, all of the moon medals and all of the sun medals, so they probably expect you to make an effort with searching for them all.

How do you moon jump on Sonic Unleashed?

Homebrew channel. (Hacking)

Is sonic unleashed just about finding moon and sun stones?

no. also about saving the world

When was Moon Je-Chun born?

Moon Je-Chun was born on 1987-04-15.

How many medals should you have to go to level 7 in sonic uneashed?

There are no Rank 7 night levels, so you only need roughly half of th Medals in the game (80 Moon, 120 Sun)

Where is the entrance field in sonic unleashed?

Well.. on the map, there is a place that should say "new"(located on the top middle part of the map (if you know what I mean). It's the place that you can collect sun and moon medals. If you want to reach Tails, then enter the moon door (where it's night and Sonicl turns into a werhog), and finish the misson. After, you will there meet Tails and explore two new more places. Hope this helped!

How do you get more lives in sonic unleashed?

Unlock the glowing doors in the middle of each Gaia temple. Unlock the glowing doors by pressing R1(B for Wii remote) you have to get more medals if you don't have enough, both sun and moon. Or just try to get 100/200 Rings. Right now i have 9 lives thanks to the Gaia Temples. ^^

Where can you find the 69th moon metal or location to find item to get sonic day mission to get the 69th moon metal on sonic unleashed?

I had problem with this also.... well, for me I had all S ranks and still couldn't get all the medels. What you have to do is get every day stage S rank, and also, get every iteam... like music, picture, documents, etc. Good Luck!

Where was tails from sonic born?

on the moon.

On sonic unleashed how do you do a moon jump?

It should be in the options menu beside the rest of the unlocked cheats and when you enable it, it makes gravity weaken therefore making jumps higher etc. Hope I helped? :)