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you dont get mining tools, you get them with the explorer kit

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Q: How do you get the mining tools in Pokemon pearl?
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Is there a cheat to get Pokemon from mining muesuem in pearl?

No, but you can do it without a cheat.

Where is the mining museum in pearl?

at the mining museum you can swap your fossils (witch you can dig up underground )for Pokemon.

Where can i find the fossil maniac in Pokemon pearl ds?

at the oreburgh mining museum:)

Where do you take fossels in Pokemon Pearl?

you speak to the scientist in oreburgh mining museum

Where you can get the mining kit in Pokemon pearl?

in eterna city the house next to the pokecenter

When can you extract Pokemon on Pokemon Pearl?

You can extract Pokemon from fossils at the Oreburgh Mining Museum by talking to the man behind the counter.

Can you get more then one leaf stone on Pokemon pearl?

yes you can by going to the under ground and mining

Where can you find Pokemon pearl hacking tools?

type on google pokesav nds

Is there a map hacking tools to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

using hex editors but not many tools unless made by you

How do you get the fossil in the oreburgh mining museum for Pokemon pearl?

You have to use the Explorer Kit and dig underground for the fossells.

How do you find thunderstone on Pokemon pearl?

You can get them many ways, such as mining, or simply running around sinnoh and finding them.

What do you do with the skull fossil?

you take it to oreburgh city and bring it to the mining museum if you are talking about Pokemon diamond or pearl.