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easy just go get the mining kit from Eterna city and try to go to the center of the sinnoh region, there are lots of tresures in that area. once u get there just keep mining

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Q: How do you get 10 Blue Shards in Pokemon Pearl?
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What does a blue shard do?

You can use 10 blue shards to teach one of your Pokemon certain moves from move tutors.

Where do you turn in blue shards in Pokemon pearl?

In pearl? Well, you can go to the Route that's west of Pastoria City, and in the middle of the route (closer to Pastoria) you can find a house. In there a person will trade you A TM Rain Dance for 10 Blue Shards. In Platinum it's a move tutoring item, and in RSE you trade em in for Rain Dance TMs just East of Lilycove.

Where do you find TM11 in Pokemon pearl?

In Pokemon Pearl TM 11 can be found on Route 212. There is also a NPC in route 212 who you can give 10 Red Shards to receive another copy of TM11.

What do you do with shards in Pokemon Pearl?

You trade them in a house left of pastoria city. She gives you the TMs Hail, Sunny Day, Rain Dance, and Sandstorm depending on the 10 Shards you give her. Nothing else.

What do you do with the color shards in Pokemon Diamond?

There is a small house very close to Pastoria City and to it's left. In that house, you can trade the shards (10 for each TM) for weather changing moves. 10 red shards will get you sunny day, 10 blue will get you rain dance, etc.

Where Do You Trade Shards for Evolvement Stones in Pokemon Diamond?

You can't. You can only trade it for TMs,10 red shards-sunny day,blue-rain dance,green-hail,yellow-sandstorm.

How do you get to the under water cave in platinum?

learn dive to a Pokemon by getting 10 blue shards and giving them to a man from James wood 1999

Where to get the TM Solarbeam in Pokemon Ruby?

Sunny DayOn Route 212, find the house surrounded by seawater, where you hand over 10 shards of a particular color (like Red) to the person in the house to get a certain TM (like Sunny Day). 10 Blue Shards give you Rain Dance. 10 Green Shards give you Hail. 10 Yellow Shards give you Sandstorm. You get these shards by going underground and digging the walls for items.In other words, it may take a lot of time to get a weather TM.

How many ribbons to get into that building on Pokemon pearl?


In Pokemon pearl what level does kricketot evolve?


How do you find 10 of the same color shards in Pokemon diamond?

Go to the underground and dig in the walls to find shards. It may take a while but you can get TM's from someone. They are sunny day, rain dance, sandstorm.

Where can you find the 10 shards in same colors in Pokemon diamond?

You can dig them up in the underground section, just keep searching.