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spring/cheese/snail/sock and you get a mechanical dinosaur!

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Q: How do you get the mechanical dinosaur on mix a monster?
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How do you get the scariest monster in mix a monster?

The metal dinosaur was the scariest of all because he chased the little girl all over town! you can get the giant mechanical dinosaur by doing Cheese+ spring+sock+Snail=Giant Mechanical Dinosaur

How do you get the dinosaur monster on mix a monster?

Sock, Snail, Cheese, Spring

What are the 4 ingredients in mix a monster to get the dinosaur?

Dinosaur : spring, cheese, sock snail

What is the combination to get mechanical robot on mix a monster?

Do Spring, Cheese ,Snail, then sock

Can someone tell you all the combinations for mix a monster in gogirlsgames?

dinosaur is sock spring cheese and snail thats all i can tell you:P

What is a sleeping dinosaur monster called?

what is a sleeping prehistoric monster called

Is the loch nest monster a Dinosaur?


How do you get the cake monster on mix a monster?

You mix the Frog, the Sock, the Rock, and the Cheese

How do you play mix a monster?

You play mix a monster by putting different things in the cauldron such as: A sock, moldy cheese, a frog. once you've put 4 items in the cauldron a yellow spray arrives. Move the mouse up and down until the bar on the top right corner is filled. A monster will appear, and your goal is to get the Dinosaur with Laser Eyes to scare your sister away! Your Welcome!

How do you make the ninth monster in mix a monster?

mix in the frog, the rock, the cheese and snail.

What is the 13 monster on mix a monster?


What is the most scariest sea dinosaur that ever?

lochness monster