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get the brown hat from the gadget room and put it o the green puffle

then go to the coffee shop and help clean up the cookies then ask for one

give the puffle the cookie and the map will come down.

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Q: How do you get the map piece down from the nightclub roof?
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Where is the fist piece of the map on Club Penguin Mission8?

One of them is on the nightclub and the others on this penguins newspaper in the plaza.

How do you get on the bar in YoVille?

At the bottom of your game screen there will be an icon with a house, next to it will be a map. Click on the map and move your mouse on the places and find the Sky Nightclub, click on it and you will be outside the Sky Nightclub. Click on the door to enter the sky nightclub.

How do you get to club penguin nightlife?

You can get into any nightclub in Switzerland with the Noche Clubbing app where you can download tickets in advance.

What do you do if you don't have enough pieces of dragon for counterfeit?

If it is night, downtown will be closed, but that doesn't matter. These are the places where the map pieces are found- On the Museum Roof. In the Museum Supply Room. On the roof of The Moldy Baguette Inn On top of the mast of the boat at the City Docks. When you come out of the Underground Tour in the docks, run up the upward sloping ground to get the secono get map piece. In the domed roof in the Underground Tour (You need to climb up that chain and you will see it. If you cannot jump from the chain and reach the map piece, you can try it with a balloon, or just keep trying).

Interior light Toyota solara?

what about it? there is one on the roof. as well as one on each fold down mirror. there may be map lights in the SLE model.

What would be a example of a scale map?

A scale map is a map that shows a small amount of area in detail using a smaller scale. For example, a map of a city may be drawn at a 1:10,000 scale, meaning that 1 cm on the map represents 10,000 cm in the actual city. This allows for a detailed representation of streets and landmarks.

In the book pirateology where is the missing piece of the map?

The missing piece of the map is in the dispatches section of the book behind the letters.

How do you get the piece of the map with the lamplighters on poptropica?

if you are on poptroica skulduggery you need to light the lanterns in this order 4,2,1 and then the map piece will come out of the arch

Where is the map piece at parrot port on Skullduggery Island and how to find out he lost his parrot?

you get the biscuit go up to the his tower and put it down then he will find it

Who ivented the world map?

a map of the world is a map that shows every country and every piece of land and its what i have

Where can you find the last piece of map in horrible histories terrible Tudors?

You can find the map piece on William shakespeare grave next to the stage

Cbbc horrible histories terrible treasures the middle ages cheats?

first off talk to the knight in the battle field. He will give you a map piece in return wild boar cream to heal his bottom. you can get this from the remedies cart standing next to him, when you return it to him he will ask for a weapon for the map piece. You will get the weapon at another maket standin behind a maiden dressed in maroony red. Take the stick with a spikey ball attached and don't leave without taking the map piece from underneath the arm protector. There is one more map ppice you can get out of this area. Play the armour game to win a map piece. Go back to the knight in the battle field, return the weapon and claim your map piece. He will agree and give you the map piece. Go to the castle and win another map piece by playing the peasents and archery game. The 6th map piece is hiddden in a ghost peasent's home. Play the game to find the final map piece. But don't get too excited the prize is a fish!!