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In order for the man in Mahogany Town to let you pass so that you can go to Route 44 which leads to the Ice Cave and then to Blackthorn City, you must first defeat Pryce (the Mahogany Town Gym Leader) and you also have to defeat Team Rocket in Goldenrod City who will be taking over the Radio Tower. To get past the man guarding the stairs. You will need to go to the goldenrod underground (north) and talk the the team rocket grunt and he will give you a uniform.

By the way if you have Pokemon pearl, diamond or platnium and don't play them as much transfer your top six(party)pokemon start a new game and keep doing that because then you can have chimchar,turtwig and piplup.

P.S I would suggest either piplup or chimchar.But if you think you will be doing a lot of Surfing,whirlpooling,waterfalling or fishing pick turtwig.P.S.S chimchar has the best attack,turtwig the best defence and piplup the best health.

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Q: How do you get the man in mahogany town to let you pass?
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How do you get pass the man in Mahogany Town in Pokemon Heart Gold?

say yes when he says "would yo lie a rarecandybar" then he'll let you pass hope i helped ha

How do you get pass the man in Mahogany Town?

you have to save the director and beat archer of team rocket

Why will the man not let you through in Mahogany Town?

You need the first seven johto badges.

How do you get past the man in mahogany town in heart gold?

Defeat team rocket

How do you get to the Blackthorn City Gym Leader in Pokemon SoulSilver?

First you need to beat/catch red gyarados in lake of rage north from mahogany town then talk to the man that loolks like your rival with an dragonite then go to the shop finish of the team rocket base beat the seventh jym in mahogany town ul get a call go to goldenrod city to get the discuise go to the underground tunnel get it do all that and then go to mahogany town the u can pass the man then go inside ice cave go throiugh it and your in vlackthorn city

How do you get past the man who sells rage candy?

you have to beat team rocket in mahogany town.

In Pokemon soul silver how do you go past the man who tells me I should sight see and I have talked to all the people in every poke center and he still won't let me pass What should I do?

Beat the rest of the gym leaders before mahogany town and help amphrados from olivine city

Where can you get HM01 Strength in Pokemon HeartGold?

As soon as you enter Mahogany Town, a man will give you Strength

Where to go after the radio tower soul silver?

after the radio tower you go back to mahogany town and the man will finally let you pass by but there are lots of trainers past him and you need to go through the ice path which is going to lead you to blackthorn city, it has the 8th gym leader there and she has strong dragon type Pokemon so becareful

How do you get to Blackthorn City on Pokemon SoulSilver?

ok, you are going to need to go east to route 44, but there will be a man blocking your way and preventing you to reach blackthorn city. you are going to need to head to goldenrod city and beat the rest of team rocket. once you do that, head over back to mahogany town and the man will let you through. you will need to go through a cave called ice path and that will lead you to blackthorn city.Thank youFirst, you have to be in Mahogany Town. Travel east of Mahogany Town until you reach the Ice Path. Travel through the Ice Path until you exit the place, and then you are in BlackThorn City.

How do you get Passed the man who is selling the RageCandyBar?

You have to beat the Team Rocket HQ in Mahogany Town and beat Pryce, the gym leader.

Where do you get the move ice beam on Pokemon heartgold?

mahogany town talk to old man if he doesnt give it beat him up for it