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You need to wait until the in-game season is Winter(April, August and December) or you could change your DS month to April, August or December. The Winter snow will fill the gap, allowing you to walk over to the item. The item is a Rare Candy.

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Q: How do you get the item near an house at icirrus city in pokemon black?
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How do you get to the hidden house in icirrus city Pokemon black?

wait tell the water freezes

Where is the shelmet in Pokemon black?

You can find Shelmet in route 8, Icirrus city, and The Moor of Icirrus.

Where to get TM brick break in Pokemon black?

You can get it in Icirrus City.

Where do you sell a Shoal shell in Pokemon Black?

Icirrus city Pokemon center.

Where do you get the exp share in Pokemon Black and White?

There is one in Castelia City and one in Icirrus City.

Where do you sell the comet shard in Pokemon black?

go to icirrus city and talk to the man in the corner in the Pokemon center

What do you do with the odd keystone in Pokemon black?

You can sell it to the ore maniac in Icirrus City for 3000 Pokedollars.

Where is twist mountain on Pokemon black 2?

North of route 7 and enters onto Icirrus city

How do you freeze the water in icirrus city in Pokemon black?

Change the month on your DS. Go in and out of the pokemon center until winter comes.

Where is twist mountain in Pokemon Black and White?

Twist Mountain is to the east of Route 7 and to the south of Icirrus City.

Where to find the first stage of Elektross on Pokemon black?

well you can find it in icirrus city while swimming in the water :)

Where is Route 8 in Pokemon Black?

Route 8 in "Pokémon Black" can be found between Icirrus City and Tubeline Bridge.