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there is some dood in the resort area who will tell you about the ruler of the pond lmao if you go fishing long enough, it is actually a level 100 magikarp (NOT A JOKE)

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Q: How do you get the hidden ruler in platinum?
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What do you get for catching the hidden ruler in Pokemon platinum?

you get the ruler.

Where to get rock climb on platinum?

Hidden in the snow

What hidden ruler lurks at the resort area in Pokemon platinum?

it is a level 100 magikarp, and i think its shining, but you should get one of the 99s, give him a rare candy, and you've got a lvl 100 gyrados

What is the ruler of the area on platinum?

It is a level 100 Magikarp.

Where is the hidden store in Pokemon platinum?

there isn't one.

What is the hidden ruler of the resort area?

It is Lugia at lv.70

Hidden ruler of the resort area?

level 100 magikarp!?!?

Where are the rare candies in platinum?

hidden u must find them...............

How do you get a feebas in Pokemon platinum?

theres a hidden lake in mt.cornet

How do you dig up hidden items in Pokemon platinum?

In the underground

What hidden machine do they have at Iron Island in Pokemon Platinum?


Pokemon Platinum how to get kings rocks?

It's hidden in Celestic Town.