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=Simple. He should start with saying Successful launch number blah blah blah" then you go and talk to him every 24 hours and each time you do he should say the next number. Keep talking until he says 56.=

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Q: How do you get the guy at the space center to say sucsessfull launch no 56 in Pokemon emerald?
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How do you get the rocket to launch faster on Pokemon Emerald?

To get the rocket to launch faster on Pokemon Emerald, you need a ticket and a Gameshark.

How long does it take for a launch on Pokemon emerald?

a week

Will the space center ever launch on emerald?

yes. After successful launch #56 your allowed on.

Where does the ferry launch from Pokemon emerald?

you have to go to your house and meleste your mom

How often does a rocket launch on Pokemon emerald?

1 rocket every day

Do you have to wait until the guy in the Mossdeep City space center says launch 100 to get Jirachi or is there another way in Pokemon Emerald?

yes, you do. or wait till launch 50, im not sure if it is 50 or 100. Good luck! :)

Where is the launch number in Mossdeep in Pokemon Emerald?

You Have To Ask 1 Of The Scientist On The First Floor

How do you get the rocket to launch in pokemon emerald?

Its a hoax,u cant actually go to the moon!

How do you get the scientist in Pokemon emerald to have 100 percent on the launch?

if you are trying to get deoxys, then you can't get it by 100% launch. you need to get a item in an Nintendo event

How do you get the number of the rocket launch space center higher in Pokemon emerald?

I think as you move through the game the number goes higher or it goes up by 1 every 2-3 days

How do you get the launch numbers to go up in the space center in Pokemon?


Can you find diaxise in Pokemon Emerald?

yes. You know the space center in mossdeep city or something? You go in and there will be aguy talking about rocket launch No. 100 or something like that. You talk to him every day until he says rocket launch No. 1. When that happens, you will get on the rocket to space. Then, you will get a chance to catch deoxys.