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I dont have Pokemon Emerald but its basically the same as Ruby and Sapphire so im pretty sure you have to win 100 battles in a row at the battle tower

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Q: How do you get the gold shield in Pokemon Emerald?
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What does the silver shield do in Pokemon sapphire?

it unlocks acess to Pokemon ruby and the gold shield unlocks emerald!

Can you get more than 1 gold shield in Pokemon emerald?


What is a gold shield in Pokemon Sapphire version?

there is no gold shield for sappire/ruby for all i know. It's given to you from scott for winnning 100-500 battles in emerald but not sure of ruby/sapphire.

Can you trade Pokemon from gold to emerald?

nope emerald is to advanced for gold but if your talking about heartgold you cant but you can transport emerald Pokemon to heartgold

Can you trade between Pokemon Heart Gold and Pokemon emerald?

No but you can migrate emerald Pokemon to heartgold

Can you trade between Pokemon emerald and Pokemon gold?

No, because gold was made for gameboy color, and emerald was made for gameboy advance

How do you get Pokemon from gold to Emerald?

Sorry But You Cant.

How do you migrate PokΓ©mon from PokΓ©mon Emerald to PokΓ©mon HeartGold?

You can't send the Pokemon directly from Pokemon Emerald to Pokemon Heart Gold but you can migrate your Pokemon from Emerald to Pokemon Pearl, Platinum, Diamond and then trade it to your game Pokemon Heart Gold as long as you have a friend with a DS(Dsi)

What happens when you get all 202 Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

when you get all 202 Pokemon in emerald the proffessor will give 1 out of the 3 starter Pokemon in Pokemon gold and silver.

What Pokemon game can you get chikorita in?

You can get Chikorita in Pokemon Gold, Silver, Crystal, and Emerald.

How do you get gold Pokemon on Pokemon emerald?

I assume you mean pokemon FROM gold version, and that you want to trade them to your emerald version. You can't. Emerald is a generation three game whereas Gold is a generation two game. You can only trade Emerald with Ruby, Sapphire, Firered and Leafgreen. Pokemon Gold can only trade with Crystal, Silver, Red, Blue and Yellow. If you mean actual 'Gold' pokemon, then you're talking about shiny pokemon. You need to catch them in the wild (1/+8000, so have fun with that).

How do you get all 7 gold symbols in pokemon emerald?

The 7 gold symbols are obtained in the Battle Frontier in Pokemon Emerald. The player must beat each trainer twice to obtain the gold symbols.

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