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you will have to resurrect it in the laboratory in cinnabar island.

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Q: How do you get the dome fossil to hatch in Pokemon fire red?
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What pokemon is in the dome fossil in pokemon fire red?

Kabuto is in the dome fossil and Omanyte is in the helix fossil.

Is dome fossil or helix fossil better on Pokemon fire red?

If you choose the Helix Fossil it can be revived into an omanyte. The Dome Fossil can be revived into a kabuto. I suggest you pick based on what pokemon you like better.

Where do you take dome fossil Pokemon fire red?

You can choose the dome fossil at Mt Moon once you defeat the super nerd

How do you get dome fossil in Pokemon fire?

pass through mt moon, near the exit a fossil maniac will battle you and you have the choice of dome or helix fossil (kabuto and omanyte), if you pick helix you'll have to trade to get kabuto.

Is a Helix or Dome Fossil better in LeafGreen?

helix, dome is better in fire red

Is the helix or dome fossil better in fire red?

In all honesty, it is up to you. The Helix Fossil is an Omanyte, while the Dome Fossil is a Kabuto. Personally, I would suggest the Dome Fossil, just because I love Kabuto.

Witch side is the dome fossil on in fire red?


What fossil should you get in mt moon on fire red?

I'd say get the dome fossil. (as i did.) Because the dome fossil turns into kabuto, once you take it to cinnibar island, and give it to the scientist.After that it will evolve to kabutops, a great pokemon. The other fossil will turn into omantye, once givin to the scientist. Wich will then evolve into omanyte. Its your choice. so choose wisely.

Which fossil is better in Pokemon Fire Red?

It depends on what you prefer. The dome fossil turns into Kabuto, which has a better Attack and Sp. Attack. The Helix fossil turns into Omanyte, which has a better Defence and Sp.Defence. So, it all depends on what you want! Defence, or Offence!

Where do you get kabuto?

Fire Red/ Leaf Green- Mt. Moon (Dome Fossil) Battle Scientist at end of Mt. Moon.. He will let you choose one of the two fossils. Helix Fossil (Omanyte) Dome Fossil (Kabuto) Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald- Trade from Fire Red/ Leaf Green otherwise unavailable Diamond/Pearl/Platinum- Underground after defeating Pokemon League and getting National Pokedex.

Which fossil gives you a better Pokemon in Pokemon fire red?

I would choose kabuto he's fast and strong while omanyte is defensive and slower. omanyte by a mile, even when they evolve it has the advantage, its defense is higher that kabutos attack and its sp. attak is higher than kabutos sp. def, its a one sided fight

Where to get the dome fossil in Pokemon?

Well if you have Fire Red or Leaf Green then you can get it in a cave after you beat the first gym. But if you don't have those games then you can get them underground in Pearl, Diamond , or Platinum after you get the national pokedex.