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In Pokemon FireRed, LeafGreen, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, you cannot change Deoxys' forme. Each game has its own forme and must be traded around to get the forme you'd want.

In Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, there are meteorites in Veilstone City on the east-south of the city.

Visit Nacrene City's museum in Pokemon Black(2) and White(2) and have Deoxys be in the first slot of the party and let it touch the meteorite to change forme.

You can change its forme, also, in X and Y games. You will need to visit the museum in Ambrette Town and let Deoxys interact the meteorites.

In Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, you can go to Professor Cozmo's house in Fallarbor Town and interact with the meteorites.

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Q: How do you get the different forms of Deoxys?
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Where do you find Deoxys in firered?

Deoxys is a legendary Pokemon which has various different forms. To find one in FireRed version, you need to have an Aurora Ticket.

Is there any life forms of Pokemon?

There is one Pokemon with different forms: deoxys- speed, attack, normal, and defense.

How do you get deoxys out of the meteorait?

you can't. It only changes forms of Deoxys.

How many forms of Deoxys are there?


What are the meteorite's for in veilstone city?

its for changing a deoxys' forms

How do you change deoxys's forms in Pokemon platnium?

you touch one of the meteors in veilstone city with deoxys as your party leader

What are all of Deoxys' forms?

defence attack normal speed

Does Shaymin have an evolution?

Shaymin does not evolve. The alternate you see that is advertised for Pokemon Platinum is a different form of Shaymin, just like the alternate forms of Deoxys.

Where to find deoxyes on Pokemon diamond?

You have to Migrate from Fire Red, Leaf Green or Emerald. Or you can use the Action Replay Modifier Code. Also by touching the Meteorites' at the South East of Veilstone City with Deoxys in your Party you can change Deoxys into 4 new forms. Below are the forms. Top Meteorite- Speed Deoxys Middle Meteorite- Change Back to Normal Deoxys Bottom left Meteorite- Attack Deoxys Bottom Right Meteorite- Defense Deoxys

Where to find Deoxys in Pokemon HeartGold?

You cannot find Deoxys in Pokemon HeartGold. Deoxys has to be traded from another game to get into HeartGold. The rocks to the east of Pewter City are used to change Deoxys' forms, but you have to transfer one using Pal Park, first.

All four forms of Deoxys cheat code Pokemon pearl?

You need Deoxys first of all. Use W.T.W to find the Form Transformers.

How can Deoxys can transform in heartgold?

Go to Pewter City and there are meteorites there. Check it and I think Deoxys will change form. (There are 4 rocks: for each of the 4 forms.)