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You must complete the quest 'Juggernaut Items of Nulgath'. The process behind this is very complicated so it is best to examine the AQW wiki.

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Q: How do you get the crystal Phoenix blade in aqworlds?
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Where to buy the best weapons in aqworlds?

It depends on your type of weapon. For me i will pick Random Weapon of Miltonius (Now Nulgath) and Phoenix Blade.

Where can you get blade of awe on AQWorlds?

You cannot get the Blade of Awe in AQWorlds yet. The only players that have it are the moderators.

How do you get phoenix blade in AQWorlds?

I want that sword except you get it from Valaskra the red dragon which is tough to kill most likey hes not gonna drop it

What is the best drop in AQWorlds?

The Phoenix Blade. Because it's a 1% chance of drop only. So hurry up and don't get your time wasting! By the way it's for members - only.

Aqworlds how do you get the bejewled sword?

It's Bejeweled Blade. Do Valencia's daily quest Bejeweled Blade.

What is the strongest blade for nonmember in aqworlds?

the strongest blade is the cold rune edge lol jking

What is the most powerful weapon in AQworlds?

The most powerful weapon in AQWorlds is the "Blade of Awe" it's critical is more powerful than every other blade. also Blade of Awe can reach up 1,000+ damage of the ''Blade of Awe" Answered by: ArtixEntertainment Gaming

What is the most expensive weapon in AQWorlds?

The most expensive weapon in AQworlds is blade of affliction which costs 1.5 million gold!

How do you get Phoenix blade on aqworlds?

Kill Red dragon.Its really rare.I got it just a few days ago.Im plannign to turn member on lvl 12.nearly there,Cant wait to own people in PB

What is the most evil weapon in AQWorlds?

vampire blade in nulglath shop

How do you get the fiery blade of torment in AQWorlds?

It is in the AC shop for 600 AC's.

What is the best non member weapon in AQWorlds?

default blade enchaned