How do you get the cow plant in the Sims 2?

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You must have a Sims 2 University expansion pack installed. You can get the cow plant as a career reward. Your sim must graduate college and get a job in the natural science career track to get it. You can also get a cow plant on the Sims 2 University with one of these 2 cheats: --Boolprop testingCheatsEnabled true. By using this you are allowing yourself many options you do not have in regular gameplay. To use these option press shift+click on the object you want to use. You will get a wide variety of new options for the object including "Force error." NEVER select the force error option for any object. To get the cow plant, Shift+click on the newspaper and unlock the natural science career reward. --OR, You can use the cheat Unlockcareerrewards. It will make all career rewards available to the sim you are controlling at the time.

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Q: How do you get the cow plant in the Sims 2?
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Where is the cow plant on Sims 3?

the cow plant is only in the sims 2, you can not get one in the sims 3

Can you get a cow plant at sims 2 nightlife?

Nope! only on sims 2 and sims 2 bustin out

How do you drink sims on sims 2?

1.You need to have sims 2 university. 2.You have to get a cow plant. 3.Then u get ur sim to be eaten by the cow plant. (I don't know how because I don't have it. :D) 4.Then like you have your other sim to be friendly wth the cow and drink the sim's (that the cow eaten) essence. (i didnt know what that means) ur welcome!

How do you get your Sims 2 cow plant to eat someone?

Don't feed it then one day invite a person from your town who you don't like to come to your house. It will then knock on your Sims door, but then see the cow plant (The cow plant will have a cake sticking out of its mouth if it is hungry) The Sim will then try and get the cake, but then be eaten by the cow plant. (See link).

How can you get a cow plant to eat a person in the sims 2?

Hey, there Answer: in the sims 2 there is a cheat that i know. it is boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true.Well, shift+click on the cow plant and click on "test anim" or something like that. Than your plant will hold out a piece of cake. PS. i like to make fence around my victim!!!

What is the cow plant in sims 2?

I'm not to sure but i think it can give you eternal life for your sim but you have to sacrafice one of your other sims to do so :S

Can you get a cow plant in Sims 3?

they just released cow plants in the sims store :D you will need at least 600 sim points to get it though

Why in the sims 2 the cow plants eat people?

The cow plants in Sims 2 eat people because if you starve it, and a neighbor comes to visit you the cow plant will put out a cake on it's tongue and lure your visiting neighbors and then eat your neighbor- for you it's a good thing because you can then milk it and then drink the milk and the Sims that drinks the milk gets 5 extra days to their life. BTW, the cow plant can also eat your own PLAYABLE sims, so be VERY careful... just a warning...

How do you get into the cow shed on the sims 2 on ds?

I don't think you can get into the cow shed.

Once you have the cow plant on sims2 where do you find it?

In The Sims 2 University, once your Sim is out of college they can get a natural scientist job. After they have gotten really good at their job, they will be able to get the cow plant by going into rewards (there is a list of things on the row where their motives are, one of them is rewards), then they go into career rewards and there somewhere will be the cow plant.

Can you get the cow plant on Sims 3?

Yes. You have to earn enough skill points and then you can unlock it in the "items" section

Where is the workbench in sims 2 psp?

It's outside the cow church. You know the cow religion building place.

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