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The code can be in a variety of sites, but the Aurora Ticket and Old Sea Map are here: GameShark:

Master code:
D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5
A86CDBA5 19BA49B3

Replaces item in PC slot 1 with Aurora Ticket:
667FC137 C4C35C38

Replaces item in PC slot 1 with Old Sea Map:
16053EA7 B5AC6644

Getting the Aurora Ticket legit is impossible today.

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Will these actually activate a pon using?

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Q: How do you get the code for the Aurora Ticket?
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How do you get Aurora ticket and Deoxys?

You can only get the aurora ticket from an action replay code or Nintendo event

How do you enter that code to get the Aurora ticket and the mystic ticket?

you must have a gameshark

What is code for Lugia and hooh?

you have to get a mystery ticket if you want a deyoxes you have to get a aurora ticket.

How do you get the Aurora ticket in Pokemon Sapphire?

type this code 81h33s45

What is the action replay code for the island tickets on Pokemon emerald?

this action replay code let you buy eon ticket and mystic ticket at a Pokemon mart. cff34abfb51248a9f7e323e217a5cca3c2d1840a9f6b65c1 and the action replay code for old sea map and aurora ticket is cff34abfb51248a98f575f429fecd9741584dfb442758518. Use one code at a time. For example: use the eon and mystic ticket code first. Then, when you have bought the tickets turn the code off and use the old sea map and aurora ticket code.

The GameShark code for Aurora ticket?

From what I have been told there isn't one. I could be wrong.

How do you get the Aurora ticket on FireRed?

My friend code on goldeneye wii is 385612961155 get me yours im a hacker.

Can you get the Aurora ticket from professor oak?

You cannot get the Aurora Ticket from Professor Oak. The Aurora Ticket is given to the player by a Nintendo event distribution. These events for the ticket are sadly no longer being held.

How do you get the Aurora Ticket in Pokemon without going to a Nintendo event or using a cheat code?

I don't think you can.

How do you get Deoxys on Pokemon Emerald without using an Aurora Ticket?

You can't. You either need a AR/GS code or, of course, you must use the Aurora Ticket. Sorry! I feel your pain. I don't have AR/GS either.

Can you find the Aurora ticket?

The Aurora Ticket cannot be obtainable through normal or post-end gameplay. This was an event item, but it has ended for several years. You can obtain it by using GameShark or other cheating devices with the right code.

Can you obtain an Aurora ticket on the Pokemon channel?

No, the Aurora Ticket cannot be obtained through Pokemon Channel.