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You start by starting the game. You then progress until you have the opportunity to go to Vermilion City. You must then muster the willpower to train your Pokemon enough to decimate your rival who is waiting on the ship. You will then speak to the captain who will then provide with the much valued HM Cut, which you can use to get into Vermilion City's Gym. You will then decimate the gym leader with your obviously superb Pokemon. Or if that's too long, you could always just follow the story line.

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Q: How do you get the badge from vermilion city?
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Where do you get the third badge in Pokemon LeafGreen?

In Vermilion city.

What city gives you the thunder badge in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Vermilion city.

How do you get the vermilion city gym badge in Pokemon fire red?

beat the gym

What badge is needed to fly in Pokemon Blue?

To use the HM Fly, you have to have the Thunder Badge, won from Lt. Surge in Vermilion City.

When in Pokemon Yellow do you get Squirtle?

You talk to Officer Jenny in Vermilion City after getting the Thunder Badge, then she'll give it to you.

What badge allows you to use flash in firered?

the 3rd gym lt surge the eleteric guy in vermilion city

Where are the badges in Kanto?

1 - Boulder badge - Brock - Pewter City 2 - Cascade badge - Misty - Cerulean City 3 - Thunder badge - Lt. Surge - Vermilion City 4 - Rainbow badge - Erika - Celadon City 5 - Soul badge - Koga/Janine - Fuchsia City 6 - Marsh badge - Sabrina - Saffron City 7 - Volcano badge - Blaine - Cinnabar Island/Seafoam Islands 8 - Earth badge - Giovanni/Blue - Viridian City

How do you make fly in Pokemon FireRed work?

to make fly work, you have to get the thunder badge from Lt.Surge (the gym leader in vermilion city) then get fly.

How do you get to get to go to vermoil on Pokemon FireRed?

After getting the 2nd badge go south from cerulean city and use the underground path to continue your journey south to reach vermilion city.

Where you get the earthbadge from Pokemon Blue?

Before the Earthbadge, you have to win the first seven badges from their respective gym leaders. (Boulder Badge-Brock-Pewter City; Cascade Badge-Misty-Cerulean City; Thunder Badge-Lt. Surge-Vermilion City; Rainbow Badge-Erika-Celadon City; Soul Badge-Koga-Fuchsia City; Marsh Badge-Sabrina-Saffron City; Volcano Badge-Blaine-Cinnabar Island.) Once you have received the first seven badges, you return to Viridian City and go to the gym to challenge Giovanni. Once you defeat him, he will reward you with the Earthbadge.

Where are the last badges in Kanto heart gold?

Well here are the cities/island you have to go to for each badge: Pewter city, Cerulean city, Vermilion city, Celadon city, Fuchsia city, Saffron city, Cinnibar island, Viridian city.

What to do after getting into vermilion city?

I suggest to buff up your team before getting the third badge. he uses electric types so be careful when using squirtle.