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make iht smile & make silly faces :]

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Q: How do you get the baby to wave hello on the game my baby girl?
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How do you get baby to wave hello on my baby girl?

keep talking to her until she waves back but when she starts waving keep talking to her until the star appears

How do you turn on skulls in firefight in halo reach?

In the wave options when customizing a firefight game.

How do you get the move heat wave in Pokemon Fire Red?

I dont think there is a move called heat wave in the game firered.AnswerHeat Wave is a move in Pokemon FireRed. However, it cannot be taught to a Pokemon via a TM or move tutor. Pokemon must reach a certain level which they learn Heat Wave naturally. The Pokemon who can learn Heat Wave include: Charizard, Moltres (level 73) and Torkoal (level 46). Through breeding, Vulpix, Growlithe and Slugma may also learn Heat Wave. get 2 tinymushrooms from paras and go to island 2 and there is a guy in a house that teaches heat wave to charizard

Where can one play the game Insane Aquarium for free?

One can play the game Insane Aquarium on the website big fish games for free. As well as other websites such as: MSN, download games and shock wave, where by which these sites allow you to download and play the game for free.

What is horde on gears of war 2?

Gears of war 2 horde is a game type that pits you against 50 waves of all types of the unending locust. This game type can be play cooprativley or solo, the 4 difficulties are present in horde, casual, normal, hardcore and insane. Basically you start at round one and try to survive to round 50. These rounds get harder and harder as the game progresses and resets every 10 levels. (Wave 1, you are against wretches and drones, wave 10 you are against all locust types including bloodmounts, then wave 11 will be drones and wretches only again, but stronger than wave 10). You can only play as the gears and not locust, as that would be stupid, but you can play on all maps, and co-operation with your time is needed! On the XBox 360 version of the game, completing all 50 waves of horde unlocks the 'Hoard the Horde' Achievement.