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press the button in the middle of the controller named analog

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Q: How do you get the analog stick to work properly for call of duty 3 for play station 2?
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How do you do a mellee attack in call of duty 3 for the ps2?

Press the right analog stick.

How do you use L3 button in Call of Duty MW3?

AnswerThe Left Analog stick is the L3 button. You have to press down on it in order to use it.

What is the actual knife used in call of duty black ops not how do you use it but what brand is the knife?

Press the analog stick to use the knife, I don't know for wii.

How do you run on Call of Duty 3?

In order to run in, "Call of Duty" the video game, you must thrust the analogue stick in a forward direction. To sprint you must lightly press the analogue stick whilst holding it forward until you hear a "Clicking" sound. You can now run in Call of Duty.

How do you sprint and dive into cover in Call of Duty Black Ops?

Click down on the left analog stick and when you're sprinting, hold B or circle to dive into prone.

How do you use melee in call of duty 3?

first u put ur thumb on the right analog stick and force push ur thumb rapidly! from, C.O.D. master123

What do you call a watch with a clock face and hands?


On Call Of Duty World at War my right analog stick has went dodgy When ever I move the analog up it goes down and vice versa Anyone help me?

This is a simple fix. Hit start and go to options and turn y inversion off. (I dont know if it is called that but it is something close to that)

What do you call the end of a stick?

You call it "the end of a stick". There is no technical name for it.

What is the melee button in call of duty 3 for xbox 360?

It depends on what control scheme you have set but if you have it set to default you shake the wii remote forwards or sideways

What if officer forgets to give your license back?

You call the station ASAP, so that they get it to you promptly. You call the station ASAP, so that they get it to you promptly. You call the station ASAP, so that they get it to you promptly.

How do you sprint on cod world at war?

Just as any other Call of Duty game. You hold down the left analog stick, and push it in any direction, besides backwards.Depends on what you play it on , PS3 , ? Xbox ? ;