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I havnt actually check it out but i assume from the title u cook a nade and throw it at the last min to kill some1 and ur self and u probs needa do that like 10 times

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Q: How do you get the So Baked Title and emblem an mw2?
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How do you get the radioactive emblem in mw2?

i'd say you will have to get 10 nukes because my friend had 9 nukes then got another in a match and at the end of the game in the lobby he had earned the nuke emblem! So I really hoped this helped you to try hard to get a nuke!

Is mw2 fun?

Yes it is the best COD game eva. It has so many more fun missions to complete and online you can edit your emblem and name too. ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

What does infected mean in mw2?

it means, if someone who has the infected title and is using it knifes you, then you are "infected" by them, so you get the title. STD works the same way, but you have to knife someone else who has the title and is using it, then you get it.

How do you get the ghost emblem on modern warfare 2?

you must get mvp on team deathmatch if so u also get public enemy title

How do you remove your mw2 titles?

if you mean remove as in take them off of the stats such as your name and clan tag you simply go and select a new title of your liking, otherwise if u mean wipe them from the title page i am not aware of a way to do so

What is infected from MW2?

Infected is a title that you can only get by gettng knifed by someone who is wearing this title. I have it and it is not so hard to get. I just went into a free for all and this noob was only knifing and he had the Infected title on so i got knifed by hm and got the title infected. If you want it easier you can always boost for it. have your friend put the title on in a free for all and have him knife you. So HAPPY GETTING INFECTED hope it helped!!!!!!!!!!!!!. -thewoodking34 my name if you got PS3.

Do you get banned for hacking mw2?

There are so many hackers on MW2 that Infinity Ward can't stop them.

What is Brisbane's floral emblem?

Brisbane is a city, so it does not have a floral emblem. The floral emblem of Queensland, of which Brisbane is the capital, is the Cooktown Orchid.

What are the teddy bears in MW2?

It means one of the Mw2 map designers had a daughter that died of cancer and she was obsessed with teddy bears so the map desingers. It has been in the CoD from WaW to Mw2

What level do you get the smasher challenge for mw2?

Ive prestiged a few times but havnt earned this title. But im pretty sure its from a riot shield challenge, so use one for a while and you will probably earn it.

Will there ever be MW2 for Wii?

it is currently out so yes

How do you get the big bada boom title on mw2?

Get so many kills with a rocket-launcher (I think 25) My friend had it but I can't quite recall what he said... Not really... You're supposed to get 5 multi-kills with the RPG.