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beat all the other cups and the first fight with xemnas.

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Q: How do you get the Goddess of Fate Cup in Kingdom Hearts 2?
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Who is in the goddess of fate cup in Kingdom of Hearts?

It is hades that is in the goddess of fate cup

Picking a weapon in Kingdom Hearts 2?

fenrir valor form :hero's crest {the one you get for beating goddess of fate cup} master form:oathkeeper final form:ultima

How do you get the Fatal Crest keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 2?

You must finish the Goddess of Fate cup in the undergrounds of the Olympic Coliseum.

How do you get the Phil cup in Kingdom Hearts 2?

There is no "Phil Cup"

How do you get to the Phil Cup in Kingdom Hearts?

Lock Traverse Town.

How do you unlock hades cup in kingdom hearts?

Advance the storyline

How do you get Thudaga in Kingdom Hearts?

Kingdom Hearts 1: Beat Cerberus in the hades cup Kingdom hearts 2: Complete the Pride Lands for the second time

How do you get the last orichalum plus in Kingdom of Hearts 2?

Orichalcum + is found in the Central Computer Messa in Space Paranoids, Sunset Tearrace in Twilight Town, The Brink of Despair in The World That Never was, you have to finish Starry Hill in the 100 acre wood, finish "A New Day Is Dawning" in Atlantica and finally finish the Goddess of Fate Cup.

What is after the Phil cup in Kingdom Hearts?

it depends what order you go in. all of them are the Phil cup, the Hercules cup, the Pegasus cup, and the Hades cup.

How do you access the Goddess of fate cup?

In order to get it, you have to beat the first Xemnas fight (skyscraper).have to be at a level 53

Are the Kingdom of Hearts 2 tournaments hard?

The Titan Cup is hard without Donald and Goofy but most of them are pretty easy...except the Goddess Of Fate because of some time limits in the 8 Match but if you have MAX Drive Gauge use a form with 2 keyblades to beat the 2 heartless in the 8th Match within the amount of time given to you.

How do you get the metal Cobo Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts?

You have to defeat Cloud in the Hercules cup.