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You find the gold teeth in the safari zone then you give the warden in a house in fuchsia city the gold teeth and he gives you strength.

AnswerYou find the gold teeth in the safari zone then you give the warden in a house in fuchsia city the gold teeth and he gives you strength.

The wardens house is located right of the Pokemon center in fuchsia city.

So at the front of the Pokemon center go right and the first house with the mailbox is the wardens house. Also if you have a Pokemon that can learn strength with you there is a boulder inside his house with a rare candy behind it.
The warden in fuchsia city gives Strength to you after giving him his gold teeth.
To get strength in leaf green, you have to go the safari zone, and search around for items, until you find gold teeth. Once you find gold teeth you go to the warden's house which is next to the pokecenter, on the right. then you talk to him and he will take the gold teeth and give you strength in return for his teeth.
First, You Must Go Into The Safari Zone, And Make Your Way To The Golden Teeth.

After You Find The Golden Teeth May Take 350 Steps Or So) You May Exit The Safari Zone, But You Must Also Get The HM Surf To Complete The Game, Which Is Close To Where You Find The Golden Teeth But It Is In A Building.

When You Find Surf, Then I Suggest You Exit The Safari Zone, And Go To The Game Warden's House. (The House Closest To The Pokemon Center If You Go Off The Ledge To The Right, There, Talk To The Warden, And You Will Give Him The Golden Teeth.

In Return, He Will Give You The HM Strength, And You May Teach It To One Of Your Pokemon And Inside His House You Can Use It, And Get A Rare Candy.

(I Don't Use Rare Candies, Because Although They DO Level Up Your Pokemon One Time, They Also Increase It's Stats, (Sp. Atk., Sp. Defense, Attack, Defense, Speed, And HP) By The Minimum Amount, Which Is Usually By "2" Each.)

I Hope This Helped, And Good Luck On Your Adventure.

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Q: How do you get strength on Pokemon LeafGreen?
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What is the cheat code to get strength on Pokemon LeafGreen?

HelloI do not believe there is a cheat code for strength in Pokemon Leafgreen at all.

What moves can sandshrew learn in Pokemon LeafGreen?


How can you get the hm strength in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Give the warden his gold teeth.

How do you push the boulders in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You get the TM STRENGTH and then give it to a Pokemon.wohoo

What are the hm's in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The HM's that are in leafgreen are: Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength, Flash, Rock Smash, Waterfall.

When can you use strength on Pokemon LeafGreen?

u can get strength when u find the warrtands gold teeth then he gives u strength

Pokemon LeafGreen where do you find the hm strength?

You have to find the safari zone wardens teeth. give it to him and you get strength

Where can you get strength on Pokemon LeafGreen?

The warden in fuchsia city gives you Strength after giving his gold teeth back.

How get move strangth on Pokemon LeafGreen?

you are a loser because you spelled strength wrong:p

What to do with golden teeth in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Take them to the warden in the house with the strength boulder in it

What do you do with the golden teeth on Pokemon LeafGreen?

give them to mr.fuji he will give you hm move strength

How do you get your Pokemon push a rock in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Teach it the HM move Strength. You will also need the badge from Celadon City which will allow you to use Strength outside of battle.