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u go to rout 209 and use cut on the tree near the big tower.

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Q: How do you get steel wing in Pokemon platinum?
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Where do you get the TM for steel wing in Pokemon soulsilver?

on your way to mount silver there is a house that you go in and they give steel wing.

How do yo steel Pokemon from the battle factory in Pokemon platinum?


What is steel Pokemon weaknees on platinum?

fire dah

How do you get TM steel wing in Pokemon diamond?

On route 209

Who is the sixth gym leader in Pokemon platinum?

The 6th Gym Leader in Pokemon Platinum is Byron in Canalave City. He specializes in Steel-type Pokemon and has a Steel based Gym that looks like a construction site.

What is Skarmorys best attack in Pokemon firered?

Steel: Steel Wing Flying: HM Fly

Where do you get steel wing in Pokemon Pearl?

in the pokecave you have to find the rare pearl

What do you do after you give the lunar wing to the boy on Pokemon platinum?

not much all that happens is cressilia becomes a running Pokemon

Where do you find the TM steel wing on Pokemon platinum?

its behind the valley windworks in flaorama town u have to surf over to it

How do you find regie steel on Pokemon diamond?

You must migrate it or trade with Platinum

Where to get get strength on Pokemon platinum?

beat bryon in the steel gym, canalve city

How do you get to the steel pilar on Pokemon platinum?

go to mt. cornet and go a cave