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You can get it by using an action replay, but Spiritomb cannot be in Emerald it has to be in Generation 4 or above.

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Q: How do you get spiritomb with wonderguard in emerald?
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How can you get spiritomb with wonderguard in emerald?

Spiritomb is not in emerald.

What is your best possible team in platinum with an Infernape?

add a Spiritomb with wonderguard (Spiritomb has no weakness and Wonder guard stops unsuperaffective attacks hitting you.)

Spiritomb with wonderguard?

That would be the bomb. You would have to use AR codes with the online Pokemon generator download. Although long and confusing, it would be well worth it!

In Pokemon what is wonderguard?

The Pokemon Shedinja has Wonderguard. You need to have an empty slot in your party. Evolve Nincada by leveling it up. When Nincada Evolves, it becomes a Ninjask. The Last Slot in your party will be a Shedinga. The Ability Wonderguard is the best, because only supereffective attacks will hit the Pokemon with Wonderguard. Status-Changing attacks will Hit Though. If You can hack a Sableye or Spiritomb with Wonderguard. It is Nearly Invincible Because Both of them are Ghost and Dark Types, which means they have no weaknesses. The only to defeat them is by using toxic or will-o-wisp, or oone one of the move which causes Burn or Poison

What is the action replay code for wonderguard Spiritomb?

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ress L + R to get a spiritomb in the spot where your first party Pokemon used to be. The spiritomb has max stats, wonderguard, and the moves:EarthquakeDraco meteorBlizzardThunderAlternate:TRY THIS94000130 FCFF0000B2101D40 00000000E0000464 000000EC9848B60E 97B70000F4CEFCBE D62D83844D3C6268 DC120FA667C8192B E735AC3682632076 CF3BB4A7107B38A0 9AA1F6618BE6A0CC 579B7DFC0A2827F4 67E5895D1C536F2A C9329B3CE53BB12E 056E7FEC62FB4F8E 0082460E4DD3F7DF 8E423CAA29F8034F 51670D65E2311A9B 8535E501247FCEF7 581FE5091141EC2E 6A9263AB365EE350 52AD6232EDB15B42 A8194806B592A2A7 DB4E66471D4C9720 C79D82E7D95EBCEE ED17975527682973 7456B5FE1DA0667E 08F6853855E46E83 DCEE8C15A798399C D9B7D07B13AC7579 2097CDD4C65D29E9 6AB1D588F880E5D7 480BA825E22D1114 A047F68B4C260AD3 00000000D2000000 00000000

Is there anyone who can give me a Wondertomb in Pokemon HeartGold?

there is no such item AT ALL!!!!!! :D Fyre Exteme- Wondertomb isn't an item, it's a Spiritomb with the special ability Wonderguard. Thanks tho... PLEASE HELP ME OUT PPLZ! ;(

Is there an invincible Pokemon?

Yes, spiritomb with wonderguard. it will still be vulnerable to weather (hail), abilities (static) and status and stat. affecting attacks (growl, thunderwave,confuse ray) and an electric type with wonderguard and levitate (static doesn't affect it

How do you hack Pokemon Platinum I mean like how to do i get WonderTomb and Wondereye?

Its Sableye and Spiritomb and for spiritomb you talk to 32 people underground and go to the hallowed tower and go underground also 4 sableye....... I dont exactly know but you can migrate one from ruby sapphire or Emerald.

Pokemon with the ability wonderguard in Pokemon Diamond?


Is the Pokemon spiritomb only a girl?

no. you can get male spiritomb.

How do you get a spiritomb egg in platinum?

breed a ditto with a spiritomb

Is Spiritomb a legendary pokémon?

No, Spiritomb isn't a legendary.