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In Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum:

First, go to the Underground. Mine for an Odd Keystone. Go to Route 209 and place the item in its spot. Now here's the tricky part; you will need to talk to non-COM players a total of 32 times. You're done in the Underground now. Equip your team with the right Pokemon. May I suggest Pokemon around Level 25, and either a Dark or Steel Type? Both of Spiritomb's types will do minimal damage to them. Go back to Route 209 and approach the Hallowed Tower, where you placed the Odd Keystone earlier. You will battle Spiritomb immediately. Weaken the Pokemon and throw a Pokeball.

In Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver:

Spiritomb is found in the Pokewalker location Quiet Cave.

This Pokemon must be traded to any other Main Series game to be obtained. It can't be obtained at ALL in the Generation I, II, and III games.

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Q: How do you get spiritomb with NO CHEATS?
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Do you need cheats to catch Spiritomb in Pokemon diamond?

You don't need cheats. After you get an odd keystone, go to the ruin on Route 209 and place the keystone in. Then go talk to 32 people underground (use wireless communication). Then go back to the ruin and interact with it, and you will start battling a spiritomb.

How can you get spiritomb with wonderguard in emerald?

Spiritomb is not in emerald.

How do you get a spiritomb egg in platinum?

breed a ditto with a spiritomb

Is the Pokemon spiritomb only a girl?

no. you can get male spiritomb.

Is Spiritomb a legendary pokémon?

No, Spiritomb isn't a legendary.

Type of Spiritomb Type of Spiritomb?

Ghost and Dark. He has no weakness!

What would happen if you get Spiritomb in platinum would Cynthia have a subsitute?

If you got your own spiritomb in platinum, Cynthia would still have her spiritomb.

Good moves for a spiritomb?

One good move for spiritomb is dark pulse. One good move for spiritomb is dark pulse.

What level does Spiritomb evolve in soul silver?

Spiritomb doesn't evolve.

What level is spiritomb when you catch it?

The Spiritomb in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum is level 25.

Where do you get Spiritomb on Pokemon?

Spiritomb is unavailable in any games from Generation I, II, and III.

What type is spiritomb weak against?

Spiritomb is Dark/Ghost and has no type weaknesses.